So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here.  (Me too!)  I’ve always wanted a place where I could talk about the things I love and share them with others.  I am also pretty sure that my husband would love to have 15 minutes of silence a day while I write something on here. 

I love to read.  Love to eat (and sometimes cook).  I also love all things fun.  I am hoping to share some of my favorite books, foods, and fun activities with you.  

I am new to this whole writing thing but I hope to get better as time goes by.  I can however answer all criticisms about grammar, punctuation, and spelling right now by telling you that each post (including this one) is really a long free-form poem and mistakes are intentionally included as part of my “art”. 

I will get my first real posts up soon and hope that when you see a book, food, or fun thing that you like you will let me know in the comments.  I would love to hear about your favorites as well!  

Happy reading!